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"Hey, have you got a minute? Do you have something to say to our new site's visitors?"


sales [at]

for newcomers: general informations about the software

Let's write some motivating lines, like "another wonderful day for getting new clients"! But Norbert, whatever happens, please do not put my name on the website.
- Tímea Lénárt, sales manager

support [at]

for our existing clients: software support and bugreporting

It should be an interesting one, right? Hm. Last day I told to our client that he can even upload a cat to the cloud. Then the meowed. Then blinked. Then... I don't know. Just figure something out.
- Ivett Lukács, customer service

accounting [at]

for our existing clients: everything about billing and administration

I don't care about the site, but some of our contracts are missing. If your domestic caracal ate those again, I swear I will expose it to the CEO. And I'm still missing the cookies.
- Angela Gállos, key account manager

hr [at]

if you are looking for a job: we are always open for bright (wo)manpower

Humans are the best, we need more of them. Look at my robot move: huu-maan-poo-weer! Wait... Are you serious? Okay, then delete the previous ones, and write down the following [...]
- István Müller, human resources